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August 15 2017

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August 14 2017

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Close up, super slow motion shot of mild steel on a lathe.
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Bluebell the adorable.  Also glowy.  But mostly adorable.

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August 13 2017

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Truth be told

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August 10 2017

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Hi friends. This is our new comics TEST. This one means a lot to us and we really hope you like it.

We put out a digital comic book today containing our stories TEST, ARK, and MIDNIGHT RADIO. It’s hi res, DRM free and pay what you want. You can download it at: Gum.co/theworld

If you would like to support us creating more stories like these, please consider buying a copy. If you can’t, no worries. Please download and enjoy the book!

Written by Ehud Lavski. Art by Yael Nathan. Contact: elavski@gmail.com

That was…..wow


Well. I need a full length novelization of this.

Just… wow

August 09 2017

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August 08 2017

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I am proud of him.

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